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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Useful Songs & Chants for the Infant Classroom

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If you haven't taught infants before then get ready, songs and chants will fill your day! There's basically a song or a rhyme for every instruction and routine. I find giving instructions through songs & chants much more effective with the younger children and it's a good way of ensuring everyone gets involved and uses the language.

Here are a few useful jingles I love - a little snippet from my own collection to take you through a typical infant day:

Good Morning:

Gathering on the mats:


Lining Up:

Walking around the school:

Lunch Time:


**Would you like a PDF copy of these jingles? Send an email ( with 'Routine Jingles' in the subject line and I'll you a copy!**

Any more?

For my own sanity and for the fun factor in the classroom, I always liked to have a collection of lively songs for the infants to teach and incorporate into lessons throughout the year. If you have access to YouTube in school, here are a few old reliables from YouTube which I used a lot:

Elephants Have Wrinkles
Quite possible an all time favourite here. Always did it on the first day of school as it's one the children haven't usually heard of, it's fun and gets everyone up and moving!

Wiggly Woo
A fun one with lots of actions to be incorporated. Add another verse about 'Slippery Sue the Snail', who 'slithers all night and slithers all day' and there's another mini beast included!

Shake Your Sillies Out
A great one for a transition. I usually just did it as a chant but the Learning Station have a lovely, lively version.

Boa Constrictor
A lovely one for working on syllables, rhymes and sounds in words. There's a version by Johnny Cash but here's one without the distraction of a video. 

Tidy Up
A nice calm tidy up song. Handy for after lunch, end of play-time or hometime! 

Stomp, Stomp, Clap
A great one to incorporate into PE or even just use as a nice brain break. This is another oldie from the Learning Station. I usually cut it short after two minutes and used three various parts over the course of the day. It left the children looking forward to the next time it would start to play.

On top of Spaghetti
One for fun. Lots of rhyming and lots of giggles guaranteed.

My advice: Save these to your browser favourites or create a link on your desktop - saves searching time!

Recommendations from the Insta community:Image result for instagram image

Some of you sent in lovely suggestions on Instagram for some more nice songs for infants and I've listed them below!

  • There Was A Great Big Moose
  • The Penguin Song
  • Julia Donaldson's songbooks (x3)
  • A nice little action chant - "Hands on you head, hands on your shoulders, hands on your hips & shake them like this!"
  • The Hokey Pokey
  • Topmarks Nursery Rhymes
  • The Days of the Week - but to the Adams Family theme tune!
  • 'We are the Dinosaurs'
  • Sally The Camel
  • Tidy Up Rhumba
  • Miss Mary Mac
  • One Little Finger

Now, that should be plenty to get you started - but as I always say, you can never have enough!

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