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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Books For Themes: Infants - 2nd class

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“Research concerned with identifying the most effective ways for ensuring that children are enabled to access the curriculum indicates that cross-curricular teaching and learning is beneficial for language learners.”
 (Gibbons, 2003)

When planning in the infant class, my 'go to' starting point was keeping books and stories at the core of my themes. It contextualises learning for children, brings a story to life and ensure you get plenty of milage out of your picture books!

Why use stories or books for thematic planning?

Stories and picture books:
  • are motivating and fun
  • are essential for the development of listening and concentration skills
  • develop positive attitudes towards language learning
  • promote use of imagination
  • create a shared social experience
  • can be revisited
  • create natural opportunities for cross curricular learning & integration 

How to go about picking your theme?

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Examples of picture books & stories to incorporate into terms: 



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 Plenty to get started with! Regardless of the text, the most important thing to do is to get the children excited about it. Build suspense. Show how much you love the book and they'll only naturally be intrigued.

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