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Friday, 28 February 2020

Literacy Roadshows 2020 - CJ Fallon

We're on the road!

Roadshow season has begun at CJ Fallon! Myself, Gene Mehigan and Jennifer O'Sullivan will be on the road with CJ Fallon for their roadshows countrywide.

At each of the roadshows, Gene Mehigan will present a seminar on the role of textbooks in the teaching of reading -not to be missed!!

Myself and Jennifer will be talking about phonics and our contextualised, multisensory programme, Sounds Like Phonics.

All attendees will receive goody bags on the night and will be entered into a raffle for some pretty fabulous spot prizes!

Places are limited so in order to guarantee your place, booking is essential!

To join us in Cork on Wednesday March 4th register here - Rochestown Roadshow 

To join us in Leopardstown on Thursday March 5th register here - Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown Roadshow

More dates to be confirmed for:
Liffey Valley
Clayton Airport Hotel, Dublin
Castletroy, Limerick

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Let's talk about 'spellings'

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It's lovely to see how many classrooms are now adopting a more purposeful approach to teaching spelling.

It is so important to remember that spelling needs to be a thinking activity, not just a memory test!

It is imperative, regardless of class level in primary school, that adequate time is allocated to teaching the actual spellings rather than just assigning the learning of the spellings as homework. (By simply assigning isolated wordlists to learn off for a test, often the teaching opportunity is lost and the responsibility of teaching the spellings is being put on parents or for the children to teach them to themselves!)

Six things to consider when teaching spelling:

  • Can the child say the word?
  • Can the child read the word?
  • Can the child recognise sounds / syllables within the word
  • Does the child know what the word means?
  • Have you given the child a chance to make a connection to other words?
  • Can the child use the word in context?

'As educators we should explicitly teach about how words work on a frequent, planned and purposeful basis.' (Topfer & Arendt, 2009, p. 6)

Activities to try: 

Rather than just focusing on lists of words for weekly drill tests, using a variety of activities that will draw the learner's attention to the visual of the the spelling process is always beneficial and more purposeful, especially for difficult vocabulary. Having a bank of approaches is always helpful - especially some that can make the process of practicing spelling more enjoyable!

The Spelling Staircase

I shared this on Instagram recently and the response & high interest actually inspired this blog post!

Spelling Scrabble
Use the number association with scrabble pieces to draw attention to letters within words!

Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe
A nice one for practice, homework, purposeful fast finisher assignments and pair work!

Newspaper Words
I used to use a version of this with the infant classes to work on their emergent spelling and word recognition but this can easily be adapted for any group; getting in some fine motor scissor work too!

For access to these activities and more, download my FREE Super Spelling Activity Pack.

Happy spelling!

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