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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Visual Literacy Challenges: 'If it is not...then what is it?'

As requested! More visual literacy activities. I've added another 20 to the original document - that should keep everyone going for another while!

I recommend one a day, take time to explore, doodle, draw, talk and discuss!

Why visual literacy?

Visual literacy is connected to everything we do and learn! It's important that we develop the visual literacy of children so that they learn to look at things critically and explore the messages and representations within visuals. In a world where we are bombarded with images, there has never been a more important time to foster visual perception and develop interpretation skills - showing children that often, all is not what it may seem! What better way than through creative exploration of visuals - or parts of them!

Keep sharing your creations, I love seeing what the children come up with!

Take care everyone & stay apart! 


Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Covid-19 & Learning at Home

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Well here's a blog post I never thought I'd be writing! I can't be the only one who feels like we're in a movie? Any moment now the day will be saved and the director will yell 'CUT!!'.... but alas, for now, this is real life and unfortunately we're not sure where we are headed, just yet. However, the teaching community have outdone themselves already - the resources and ideas are flying and there is such a wonderful sense of unity & collaboration.

Whatever we do and recommend, I think it's important that we remember the children are very much aware that there is significant change in the air - they will be soaking up a lot more of the stresses and anxieties than we realise and it's important that what we're asking them to do 'school wise' isn't causing any additional strain.

Here are some suggestions:

Activities to suit all ages:

  • If it's not a.... then what is it? This is a visual literacy challenge I share sometimes over on Instagram. I'm going to share one a day now for every school day that the primary children absent! It's a fun one for the adults too! Here are a few to get you started! 

  • Good morning gratitudes -  Start the day by listing all the things you are grateful for. Helps start the day on a positive note! With all the time at home, it'll be interesting to records all the little things we appreciate! Something nice for everyone to join in with.

  • Roll the die & move! Challenge the children to come up with their own exercises of choice. Create some DIY movement dice and off you go! Encourage them to get creative with their exercise. Here's a printable template. 

Infants - 2nd

  • Alphabet Hunts  - download the chart and see how many you can complete! These are purposeful & fun ways of revising your child's letter knowledge.
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  • Letter Hunts - get out the magazines, flyers, Aldi brochures and  the scissors and get chopping! Pick a different letter or sight word each day and have your  child hunt for & cut out all the target letter or words they can find. Create a collage on a page. Find the letters in their name! Create a name collage. This is great for letter revision, familiarisation with different fonts and environmental print. 

2nd - 6th

  • Write a letter to their future selves. Seal it in an envelope and decide on a date to open it!

  • Write a letter to their teacher! Let them know how they're getting on, what they miss about school and what they don't!

  • Keep a diary for every day they're not at school. Diary entries are a form of recount writing - one of the writing genres practiced right through primary school!

  • Make a newsletter to send to your family members - this could be by hand or by email! Interview siblings,  parents, include some images / drawings! Keep family in the loop despite the imposed isolation!

  • Create a wishlist. Get out the Argos or Smyth's catalogues and create a wishlist of all the toys you would like. Include the prices and total up the cost!

Plenty more to come! I'm going to continue sharing as much as I can between here & Instagram. Between working from home & juggling a toddler, my multi-tasking skills are getting quite the workout! I'm looking at the bright-side and as difficult it is to work and care and keep a house from demolition, I'm getting to witness so many special little moments and milestones with Luca which I would have missed had I been in work! The glass is always half full!

Take care, stay apart & stay in touch! This will pass, but it will pass much more quickly if we all stick together in our commitment to help however we can. Ní neart go cur le chéile. 

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