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By Clara Fiorentini

Friday, 22 May 2020

Top Tips for Phonics

Phonics. For a little word it gets A LOT of airtime. Sometimes, even a little too much of our teaching time. We can work smarter with our phonics instruction and find ways to balance the approach. One of the most important things about working on phonics and letter knowledge is that we contextualise it! Make it real. Make it relatable for children. Make it relate to reading READING!

On the Literacy Channel this week, myself & Jen shared TWO new videos about phonics.

Seven Top Tips for Phonics Instructions - our biggest pointers for approaching phonics in the classroom!

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Thursday, 14 May 2020

'Teaching & Learning in the Early Childhood Setting' - Online CPD Summer Course 2020

my Al Huda Online

Registration for the Marino Institute of Education Summer Courses is now live!

This year, myself and my wonderful colleague SinĂ©ad Lambe are presenting the online course: 

'Teaching and Learning in the Early Childhood Setting'

The details:

This online course aims to enhance participant appreciation and understanding of best practice in teaching and learning within the infant classroom. Content within each module has been designed to equip participants with practical and purposeful teaching and learning strategies suited to the early years of primary school. Participants will explore a wealth of resources and strategies that can be utilised and implemented in the infant classroom.

Key areas of focus include:

  • - Playful pedagogy
  • - Language & Literacy
  • - Classroom organisation, classroom management & assessment

Fee: €50

You can find details of all MIE summer courses, both face-to-face & online here.

Please note, face-to-face courses are scheduled to take place in August this year.


Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The Literacy Channel

I am so excited to share the news that myself & my colleague, Dr. Jennifer O'Sullivan have just launched 'The Literacy Channel' on YouTube!

We created The Literacy Channel as a platform to share advice, ideas & support in best practice in the development of literacy skills at home and in the classroom!

Our first video, 'Literacy At The Beach' is now live - if you find it useful, do share & circulate. With remote teaching and distance learning being a feature of many of our lives now, some of the practical, purposeful strategies might be useful for teachers and parents alike!

All the resources featured in the video can be downloaded for free, you'll find them in the drop down menu under the video bio! There are some writing prompts, tip cards and a whole set of the 'If it's not a...what is it' challenge - with a beach theme!


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We hope you enjoy!


Monday, 11 May 2020

Distancing Learning With Picturebooks - The Literacy Association of Ireland

Literacy Association of Ireland - Home | Facebook
The Literacy Association of Ireland in conjunction with Navan, Monaghan, Clare and Tralee Education Centres are offering three free webinars for primary teachers on Creating Rich Literacy Learning Experiences. More specifically, the focus will be on how we can use picturebooks as a means of creating these rich literacy learning experiences - from a distance!

51 (Out of the Box) Picture Books You Must Read to Your Kids

The three seminars will take place on Tuesday May 19 @ 2pm (2nd - 4th class, Regina Dunne), Wednesday, May 20 @ 2pm (5th & 6th, Niamh Watkins) and Thursday May 21 @ 2pm (Infants - 1st, myself!)

You can book via each individual education centre - places are limited and booking up quickly - do ensure you register in good time! Links for registration below:

Distance Learning with Picturebooks  for 2nd - 4th class with Regina Dunne (19/5/2020)

Distance Learning with Picturebooks  for 5th & 6th class with Niamh Watkins (20/5/2020)

Distance Learning with Picturebooks  for Infants - 1st class with Clara Fiorentini (21/5/2020)

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