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By Clara Fiorentini

Friday, 24 July 2020

Our Virtual Library for Diversity & Inclusion

Hi everyone!

The latest instalment from The Literacy Channel is now live!

We have just shared the first of our Virtual Libraries packed with texts, read alouds and resources for diversity and inclusion.

The discussion on the inclusive classroom is still ongoing and we as teachers have a HUGE role to play in ensuring our learning environments promote inclusivity and value diversity. One of the first ways we can do this is by reevaluating what's in our classroom library and what texts we choose for read alouds and learning experiences. Look at the texts and reflect. Are they respectful and representative of the children before us?

Every child deserves to read books that help them become more understanding but also read books that allow them to feel understood too.

The Virtual Library can be downloaded and used as a digital resource in your classroom. You'll find the download link in the bio of the video.

Share, circulate, enjoy!

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