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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Albert The Dragon - Gareth Chapman

Albert the Dragon Gareth Chapman Books Dragon childrens book adventure

Anyone who has been following LMT for any duration of time knows that I am fond of picturebooks. Fond? Ok, I love them. One of the privileges of working in education, especially literacy education, means that so much of my work gets to revolve around literature - more specifically, children's literature!

Galway based (via New Zealand) author, Gareth Chapman recently sent me a copy of his newest publication, 'Albert The Dragon' and I just knew on the first read that it was one for my resource armoury.

Meaningful plot 


Clever Illustrations 

Subtle print embedded within illustrations (you all know I'm all about that environmental print!) 

Dragon as a protagonist 

Chapman's carefully crafted picturebook tells the tale of an elderly dragon, named Albert who is a little ashamed of his wings. Without giving too much away, Albert makes a fabulous friend in Holly, a young girl called who not only helps him to overcome his worries about his wings but also awards Albert with a whole new lease of life.

A lovely text for a read aloud, for incorporation into well-being learning activities and a without doubt, a great addition to a class library ...definitely a text which would be accessible for Junior Infants right up to 2nd class to model rhyming, descriptive language and even to aid the development of visual literacy. It is also an ideal text to utilise in the senior classes as a mentor text for delving into discussion and critical thinking. An ideal text to inspire creative writing and even as a focus for working on those all-important reading comprehension skills like predicting, inferring, visualising and making connections. 

One of the things that really stands out to you on your first read of Albert the Dragon, is the quality of the illustrations. Though detailed, they are age appropriate and afford plenty of opportunities for exploration, discussion and inferring. A perfect complement to the story, the illustrations are the creations of Spiddal based Brazilian artist, Andrea Rossi.

Albert the Dragon can be purchased on Gareth's website is on sale in Charlie Byrne's bookshop, Galway City and is also available on Andrea Rossi's workshop.

A beautifully crafted text with a truly heart-warming plot - and my goodness do we need more of those these days!

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