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By Clara Fiorentini

Monday, 10 August 2020

Comhar Linn - The INTO Credit Union

I have been a member of the INTO Credit Union since the summer I graduated from college - and that's not today or yesterday! It has been a huge support to me in terms of regular saving which in turn, enabled me to finance the continuation of my studies - in particular, various CPD courses and my Masters. Saving with Comhar Linn also facilitated various important life milestones along the way - travel, first car, furnishing my home and, not forgetting, our wedding! Being a member enabled you to avail of their reasonable lending rates and fuss free application process, a huge plus for me! Jumping fences, be it physically or in paperwork, is a no for me!

Saving whilst living in a city is challenging. Saving whilst paying (what could often be deemed extortionate) rent is even more challenging. Add commuting, bills and somewhat of a social life... we all know the drill!. For me, having a saving system where the funds went out at source when payday arrived was what worked for me. That's where the Comhar Linn fitted in perfectly. They offer salary (and pension) deduction facilities.

So, what do the Comhar Linn offer?

Current Account

In October 2019, the Comhar Linn launched their new Current Account service. This is separate to a member's saving or loan account and means that members have instant access to their money through a debit card, a secure app and an online portal. 

Some of the benefits associated with a Comhar Linn current account include:

  • Transparent fees (€4 per month)
  • Contactless payments up to €50
  • Overdraft facility of up to €5000 available
  • Instant access to your money (mobile app available)
  • Fees are cheaper than most leading banks
  • Easy sign-up process

Comhar Linn have created a current account transfer guide for anyone considering a switch, it's quite straightforward, really! To learn more about a Comhar Linn Current Account, click here.

Lending Services

The Comhar Linn is a popular 'go-to' for teachers requiring a loan. The interest rates are extremely competitive are are the same for all members. To learn more about application processes and interest rates, and try out the loan calculator, click here.

Budget Service

The Comhar Linn also offer a Budget Account service which enables members to manage their household bills. Basically, a Budget Account means that a member pays all their annual household bills through one account. When you calculate your total annual amount, a regular fortnightly deduction from salary is established. This amount is credited fortnightly to your Budget Account meaning all bills are paid in full and on time. Out of sight, out of mind!

To learn more about the Comhar Linn's Budget Service, click here.


This is not a paid post. When the Comhar Linn reached out about collaborating on a blog post, I was  more than happy to share my experiences and recommend what I feel is a great service and support for teachers and their families. If you have any further queries surrounding the Comhar Linn or how to become a member, you can find all the relevant information for existing teachers, B.Ed students, PME students and retired teachers here.

If you have any queries on my experiences with the Comhar Linn, you can drop me a DM me on Instagram.


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