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By Clara Fiorentini

Thursday, 20 August 2020

The Literacy Channel - Phonological Awareness


The latest instalment from Jen and myself is now LIVE on The Literacy Channel.

We're talking all things Phonological Awareness and share over 35 different activities to develop all the critical elements of phonological awareness.

Unsure of some of the terminology or what Phonological Awareness entails? Don't worry! We cover that too.

And, as always, all the slides & activities can be downloaded for FREE. You can find them in the video bio.

This year, take time to give your class the best possible opportunities to develop their Phonological Awareness and set them up for greater success in learning to read and spell!

Share, circulate, enjoy!

Don't forget to subscribe to The Literacy Channel. You can find us on Twitter too!


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  1. I did the literacy webinar for Infant teachers tonight & would like the resource pach that ye said would be available at the end? List of books & websites etc? Thanks a lot Mary Fennessy


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