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By Clara Fiorentini


Here you will find direct links to all my posts and content relating to teaching and learning experiences for the infant classes. Most posts relate directly to Junior Infants but many will be easily adapted to suit infants to first class:

Teaching Junior Infants - How best to prepare to teach Junior Infants

Tips for Starting School

Useful Songs & Chants in the Infant Classroom

Letter Wands - An 'initial sound' activity

Books for Themes: Infants - 2nd class
Alphabet Stew

Getting to grips with Sight Words

Working on Listening Skills

Useful songs & chants from young children

End of Year Activities for Junior Classes

Tips for Starting School

The Language Experience Approach in the Infant Classroom

Approaching Letter Knowledge in the Infant Classroom

Literacy Station Ideas

Bringing Letter Formation to Life

Beginning to Blend

Infant Induction Days

Using reading to trigger critical thinking

September: Setting up your Infant Classroom

Five Fun Songs for Infants

Summer Art - Junior Infants

Julia Donaldson - 'Paper Dolls'

Caterpillars & Butterflies

Liven up Phonics Instruction

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  1. I am going to check it out and let you know which articles are the best ones. I am certain they are super wonderful!


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