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Sub Packs

Taking a course day or doing a day of substitute work? These packs will keep your class engaged and learning for the full day!

Aistear / Play Based Learning - Sample Plans

These are thematic Aistear / Play Based Learning Plans. Detailed 3-4 week content with key vocabulary, integration & listed resources.

More Resources - All Classes:

Summer Themed Activity Pages (x4) - 5th & 6th Class

Summer / Looking back at my year activity pages (x3) - 4th / 5th / 6th Class

Summer Symmetry Drawing Challenges - all classes

Father's Day Resource Pack (3rd-6th Class)

'The Story Mountain' Template

Inferential Questioning Prompts - Infants - 6th

3,2,1 Formative Assessment Poster

Spelling Study Choice Board

Reading Comprehension Strategy Posters

'While you were out...' - note template for substitute teachers

Self Assessment Template Collection (x8) - 2nd-6th class

Emoji Self Assessment Templates - 3rd - 6th

Mother's Day Activity Pages - 2nd-6th class

Animal Themed Counting Activity Pages - Infants

'I know my colours' (21 pg pack) - Infants

Colour, read & write - learning colours -  Infants

Lily pad leap - Maths game for Infants

Apples & Hungry Words - Maths game for Infants

Fruit Trees - counting activity for Infants

Bears on a bus - counting activity for Infants

Ladybird Maths Activity Pages - Infants

Caterpillar & Butterfly counting - Infants

Feed the Frog - Infants

The Many Pieces of Me - 3rd - 6th class

Collection of Word Searches - 3rd - 6th class

Netherlands Word Search - 4th - 6th class

Netherlands Resource Pack (6 pg)  - 4th-6th class

Leonardo Da Vinci Word Search

Leonardo Da Vinci - Report Writing Template

Leonardo Da Vinci Resource Pack (8pg) - 4th - 6th class

Punctuation Practice Pages - 4th - 6th class

Titanic - Report Writing Template

Titanic - Story Map Template

Titanic - Word Search

Titanic Powerpoint - senior classes

Titanic Resource Pack - senior classes

Easter Rising / 1916 Powerpoint - 1st - 6th

The History of the Irish Flag - 5th/6th

Pádraig Pearse Word Search - 5th / 6th 

Pádraig Pearse Powerpoint - 4th, 5th, 6th 

Countess Markievicz Powerpoint - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

Countess Markievicz Writing Activities - 3rd - 6th 

Old Irish Street Games - Instructions

Old Irish Street Games Report Writing - 2nd+

Easter Rising - Story Map Template

Irish Flag - Report Writing Template

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